Are you planning to replace your old and outdated AC system? Well, you have made the right choice. You are probably tempted to buy the best and biggest air-conditioner you can find if you’ve got the budget. That should not be the case. You might end up buying an AC system that is too big for your home.  

When choosing an air-conditioning unit, you should not pick one that is too small or too big for your needs. Typically, homeowners don’t consider this factor. They believe that they can choose any size they want.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why it’s important to choose the right size for your AC replacement Tempe.  

Reasons Not to Choose an Oversized Air-Conditioning Unit 

A lot of people think that choosing an air-conditioning unit that is too big is better for keeping their house cool. However, that is not the case at all. The truth is that it’s extremely inefficient. The reason for this is that optimal AC efficiency occurs via constant operation. Your AC unit needs timed and regular cycles. This usually does not happen if your AC unit is too big.  

If your air-conditioning unit is too big for your home, it will experience short cycling. This is a process in which the system will constantly turn on and off. This intensifies wear and tear. It’s extremely deteriorating for your system. As a homeowner, you don’t want to deal with something like short-cycling.  

If you do experience short-cycling due to an improperly sized AC unit, the only thing you can do is to replace your unit with the right one.  

Reasons Not to Choose an Undersized Air-Conditioning Unit 

For those who don’t know, an undersized air-conditioning unit can’t do its job properly. It will have a hard time keeping up with the cooling needs of your house. An undersized air-conditioning unit will have to operate much harder compared to a properly sized system. Just like an oversized unit, an undersized one is also inefficient. It greatly deteriorates the system. It can lead to high utility bills.  

Aside from that, an undersized air-conditioning unit can’t keep your house comfortable. This is particularly true during a hot summer day. That is why it is a huge problem to choose an undersized system. It is best to make sure you’ve got a properly sized unit.  

Choosing the Right Sized AC unit 

So, how can you guarantee that you choose the right AC for your home? The best way is to hire a professional HVAC contractor. Professionals usually do something known as a cooling load calculation. They will look at things that affect the size of the system. This includes the insulation of your house, the number of doors and windows, the square footage of your house, and more.  

Aside from that, they will also help figure out if you are choosing the correct system type for your house. You’ve got a lot of options for your AC system. A professional HVAC contractor can ensure you make the right decision.