You should never procrastinate when it comes to repairs for your concrete driveway. If you wait, you can expect issues to worsen and expand. Handy property owners can do a lot of these repairs by themselves unless the issues are widespread or due to structural problems. Listed below are the most typical repairs are done for concrete driveway—both the easiest DIY repairs and more professional and complex jobs.  


Here are some of the minor DIY repairs that can be performed without the help of experts. 

Fill small holes 

If you want to have clean and cut straight edges, hold a masonry blade at an angle of 15° and chisel out the concrete. After that, fill in thin layers of vinyl-reinforced patching compound and wait for approximately 30 minutes between layers. Make sure that the top layer ends up just higher than the surface with feathered edges over the original hole.  

Don’t forget to cure the fixed area by using plastic sheeting to cover it for approximately 1 week. Also, make sure to keep it damp and think about applying a coat of masonry paint so that the patched spots will match the entire driveway.  

Manage frost heave 

This may need you to work for a bit, but it’s an easy DIY job for handy property owners. During the winter seasons, expanding frozen soil pushes concrete upward. Eliminate the popped-out parts and replace or repair the subbase.  

More permanent repair 

In terms of a more permanent concrete driveway fix, you can help prevent the filler from pushing upward by chiseling out a hap that’s wider at the top part compared to the bottom. Use a patching compound to fill the gap and brush in latex bonding. You can also block out water for deep cracks by filling the gap using sand.  

Temporary repair for cracks 

Isolated holes and cracks in driveways need easy DIY filling work. You can temporarily repair a minor crack by filling in concrete caulk to prevent a small crack from spreading when water penetrates. It’s a specifically great idea to do in the winter season when weather conditions are not perfect for concrete work. However, when the crack is not filled, water might slop into a crack, expand, and freeze.  

Fix widespread cosmetic problems  

A poor concrete job on your driveway can lead to a lot of issues in your concrete’s cosmetic surface. In most of these instances, you can solve the problem by doing a thin resurfacing job and serve as total concrete driveway repair. If you’re not confident to do this yourself, make sure to contact the concrete driveway contractors – Raleigh NC today.  

Ask the expert’s help for larger issues 

Though concrete contractors would be glad to receive your money and assist you with any repairs listed above, a sunken slab will need a professional for permanent and proper repair. Erosion of the foundation is what usually causes most concrete to sink. For that, you probably need to get a mud jacking contractor who can professionally incorporate concrete beneath the surface.