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Fraser Island
World Heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the World stretching 125km along the Queensland Coast. A 3.5 hours drive from Brisbane and you will be in paradise. Goanna Adventures operates a true 4WD adventure staying right on 75 Mile Beach. You will be in a small group with an experienced and knowledgeable guide to provide that personalized service. Only got 2 days? We have carefully designed this tour to get you to some of the Island's best destinations! Our small groups help you get the most from 2 days.

Fraser Island

Noosa Everglades
Long golden beaches, rocky headlands, high forested dunes, dramatic coloured sand cliffs, dark waterways and broad lakes - These spectacular features make up the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park - The largest sand mass in the world. The spectacular Cooloola Coast stretches 65 kms from Noosa to Fraser Island.

Noosa Everglades

Noosa Safaris
From Noosa Heads to Rainbow Beach, Noosa Safaris can show you every unique aspect of this truly magnificent area, all in the comfort of a luxury 4wd. See the stunning 40 mile beach, swim in he tranquil waters of Rainbow Beach, and visit the lighthouse, all in half a day.

Taking a tour of the sunshine coast area can be an activity that is filled with fun and excitement. Several tours are available in this area. This can be a tour of the zoo, a boat tour of the waterways and even a tour of the Noosa River that can allow you to see the mirror effect of the dark water of the river.
One of the major attractions in the sunshine coast region is the zoo. A tour of the zoo is an activity that can be very enjoyable. This is because you can be able to learn about animals that are specific to this region like the kangaroo. Other animals are also present in this region. These include the crocodiles, tigers and even the largest Asian Elephants.

Noosa Safaris

The zoo is one of the very few that can allow you to get up close with the animals, feeding them and even petting them in some cases. There are also other animals that the keepers can introduce you to like koalas, camels, lizards, alligators and even snakes. This is a tour that can be done in one day, and the zoo pass is valid for two days.

Noosa River tour is a tour that you must take as you tour Sunshine coast. This is because Noosa River is a river that has a mirror effect. This river is able to reflect images when viewed. This one of the unusual features of this river that is not common to other rivers. This region is also home to Harry’s hut, which is a cabin that has a history for the people in this area.

This hut can be viewed while on the cruise of this river. The tour provider can also provide someone who can fill you in about this history, and you can possibly stop here for some refreshments as you experience the various aspects of the history.
Sunshine coast is an area that can be very busy at times. This is because of the various activities that normally take place in the city. This makes it necessary to find a tour that can take you away from this hustle and allow you to relax while still enjoying the beautiful things that this area has to offer. Going on a cruise on the Noosa River can be a solution to this problem.

This cruise can allow you to see the wildlife in their natural environment, which is always a better experience than seeing the animals while they are in captivity. You can also be able to see the sight from the comfort of the boat. There can also be meals that are offered while on this cruise. This can be a barbeque or even the local cuisine in that area that will allow you to experience the culture.

Another available sunshine coast tour is a tour of the waterways. Using these boats is an excellent way to see the scenery that is available here. You can also be able to ride in a vessel that has a sun top that can protect you from the sun as you tour the area. Using a cruise boat is something that can enable you to enjoy the cool breeze of the tranquil waterway.

There can be people on the boat who can be able to provide you with a commentary that can be able to inform you about the waterways, their history and the description of the region. This can make the journey to be even more interesting. It is also possible to take a swim in this water.

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