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Coolum Beach is one of the quintessential surfer’s hangouts along the Sunshine Coast. Over the years it has become a favourite holiday spot for families, but recently it has revamped its image and now offers its fair share of luxury holiday experiences as well. There are plenty of different accommodation options available on and around the beach here at Coolum so that you can make good use of the expansive white sands and the rolling waves.

Just across from the main beach area there is a strip mall that has cafes, restaurants and shopping. Wandering along the boutiques and specialty shops is a great way to spend the afternoon. A favourite attraction located close to Coolum Beach is a climb to the top of Mt. Coolum. Aboriginal legend has it that Mt Coolum was a warrior who took a fancy to a fair maiden named Maroochy, but jealous Mt. Ninderry wanted her for himself and in the ensuing battle lopped off Coolum’s head. When you get to the top of the mountain you will see stunning views out to Mt Ninderry, along the coast and if you look out to the Pacific Ocean, you will see poor Coolum’s head in the water otherwise known as Old Woman Island.

By day the main activities for visitors centre on swimming, surfing, bushwalking or golfing at one of Australia’s premier golf resorts and by night you can enjoy a fine dining experience at one of the town’s many restaurants, but with the casual coastal ambiance that Coolum has perfected over the years.

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